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End of Life Directive

Complete the End of Life Directive form below

Welcome to your digital End of Life Directive, where what you share about your choices and wishes when you are facing end of life care. The information you provide will be available on demand providing your providers with an End Of Life Directive.


This document may require 2 witness signatures and/or a notary depending on the state you reside. It is available for immediate use once you complete the series of questions. You are able to change your mind on any of the questions whenever you want. Printed versions of your End of Life Directive document will be valid for seven (7) days only, allowing for you to make changes as needed.

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Schedule a personalized session
with Clinical Ethicist and Medical BLUEPRINT

Need that one-on-one conversation to help better understand your specific situation? Set up a time to meet with a professional Clinical Ethicist.

During this session you can address your specific questions, have help with filling in your Medical BLUEPRINT™ (provided for free with this service!) or have the Clinical Ethicists fill it in for you. Schedule your session now.

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