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Ensuring medical providers understand what’s most important to you. UzObi gives you more control of your medical journey. UzObi gives you an easy-to-use tool to share your most closely held values with your medical providers. Providing you with empowering resources from routine, to emergency, to end of life.




The Medical BLUEPRINT™ gives you an easy-to-use tool that explains your preferred care-needs to medical providers while giving them critical information on how current treatment impacts your daily life.


 The Medical BLUEPRINT™ serves as a “Patient Concierge” walking you through questions designed by experts to determine your care goals, including your culture, identity, and the personal values that impact your health.


The Medical BLUEPRINT™ connects patient values to care decisions by enhancing the communication pathways between provider and patient - leading to better care outcomes, happier and more trusting patients, and
a more informed physician.


Virtual Ethics Consultation


UzObi offers quick, easy and real-time access to industry-leading services. Proven Clinical Ethicists poised to review, evaluate, and consult on existing medical decisions to ensure high value ethical practices for patients, caregivers, providers and hospital systems.


UzObi’s Virtual Ethics Consultation provides:

  • Expertise in creating a personalized and effective Medical BLUEPRINT™

  • Advice and counsel on complicated health care decisions

  • Assistance with navigating confusing patient-health care provider interactions

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