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$99.99 Medical BLUEPRINT(digital)

Ready to get your complete set done in one click! Here is the opportunity to have access to both the Values and Culture Directive™ and the End of Life Directive™.

$79.99 Values and Cultures Directive (digital)

Your identity – what makes you “YOU” – is more than just a series of questions about family medical history, what is your preferred language, or if you have a partner. With this directive we provide you with the opportunity to tell your unique story in a way that shares who you are, what you value, and your cultural choices.

$49.99 End of Life Directive (digital)

Standard Advance Directives do not fully capture the depth of decision making needed around the care at the end of life. We have taken the old, vague, impersonal, and meaningless questions and made our directive personal, specific, and meaningful.

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