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Your Values,Your Voice: Connecting You to
Providers who Listen

UzObi, Inc. is the first health technology company to specialize in offering ethically guided values-based healthcare decision-making to patients;  

providing businesses with tools to put the voices and identities of members, clients, and employees at the center of all their healthcare needs, from routine, to emergency, to end of life. 

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Explore how our on-demand,
digitized Medical BLUEPRINT

enhances patient experiences.

Clinics + Hospitals

Our professional Clinical Ethicists
provide consultations 
designed to optimize hospital efficiency.

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Learn how we work with you to
empower the voice of individual and family health care decisions.

What we offer

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Our team of professional Clinical Ethicists guide patients through the process, guiding medical decisions with our Values, Cultural and End of Life digital Medical BLUEPRINT.

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Virtual ethics consultation


With our patented software, patients can submit a request to have a Clinical Ethicist review information that helps address ethical questions and concerns.


Our team is made up of the best minds in the fields of Clinical Ethics, Health Disparities, Strategy and Innovation, Medicine, and Technology.


Meet Dr. Nneka Sederstrom

Dr. Sederstrom is the Co-Founder and CEO of UzObi, Inc.
She is a world-renowned Clinical Ethicist and Health Equity expert.
She is widely published and regularly speaks on topics related to health equity, end of life care, clinical ethics, and health disparities. 


She has more than 20 years of experience in hospital medicine, specializing in end-of-life care and health equity initiatives.

Benefits to health care providers and insurers

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Save and reduce costs


Our clients save millions and billions by reducing unnecessary, inappropriate and expensive interventions and hospital stays in addition to drastically reducing the cost of end-of-life care interventions and therapies.

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Improve efficiency


Our services enable more efficient use of hospital resources by prioritizing personalized decision-making.


Our on-demand resource improves patient and customer healthcare experiences that are value-based and culturally driven.


A values-driven, patient centered alternative 

  • On-demand digitized Medical BLUEPRINT services that ensure patients control their medical decisions from current health state until end of life


  • A simplified platform to better understand and navigate the healthcare system

  • Experienced experts ready and willing to assist and advise patients through their medical journey

  • Values-based planning and consultation that increases the chances of a patient dying in the comforts of their home with loved ones rather than an ICU

  • A significantly improved patient and family experience at the hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility