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Clarity when your values matter most 

UzObi, Inc is a health technology company working to simplify the process of taking back individual medical decision-making authority and ensuring people's values and voices guide their health care.

We specialize in helping you tell your story and know how important it is to honor your values and what matters most as part of your medical journey.


We are here to connect you with professionals, virtually,
who specialize in addressing your values and how they impact making medical decisions.


Explore what we offer


Learn about digital healthcare value directive services
Our team of professional Clinical Ethicists will work with you - guiding you through the process, ensuring you control your medical decisions with our digital healthcare values directive.

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Schedule a virtual consultation 
We're here to help! Submit your request to have our experts review the information and help address our ethics questions and concerns. 

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Schedule a clinical ethics second opinion
Have an expert review a case or recommendation can be beneficial for decision-making. Learn how you can work with us, to explore a second look.

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Meet Dr. Nneka Sederstrom

Dr. Sederstrom is the Co-Founder and CEO of UzObi, Inc.
She is a world-renowned Clinical Ethicist and Health Equity expert. She is widely published and regularly speaks on topics related to health equity, end of life care, clinical ethics, and health disparities. 


She has more than 20 years of experience in hospital medicine, specializing in end-of-life care and health equity initiatives.


Digital healthcare value directive services for hospitals and clinics

Our digital healthcare value directive services aren't limited to individuals and families. We also work exclusively with hospitals, clinics and medical professionals to provide value-based digital directive services that support:

  • Guiding preparation and planning for critical decision making, like chronic disease management and end of life care options.

  • Providing resources for patient support to ensure clinical ethical decisions are made centered on the voice of the patient.

  • Private digital (virtual) consultations and second opinion services for providers and patients.

Doctor Office

Our promise to you

When your values matter most, our team of Clinical Ethicists will be here every step of the way.

We offer stability in an unstable world
We provide clarity in uncertainty
We promise security and peace

Our approach is one that is comforting while fostering peace, trust, and the support you need while planning, preparing, and providing equitable healthcare initiatives.



What our clients are saying

"Everyone needs an advance directive. It is an

immeasurable gift to your family."

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