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Simplifying the complexities of medical
decision making

Ensuring medical providers understand what’s most important to you. UzObi gives you more control of your medical journey. UzObi gives you an easy-to-use tool to share your most closely held values with your medical providers. Providing you with empowering resources from routine, to emergency, to end of life.

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Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers

Explore how our on-demand
digitized Medical BLUEPRINT™
enhances patient experiences.

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Our services give your members a valuable resource they can use throughout their lives.

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Learn how we work with you to
empower the voice of individual
and family health care

Our services

UzObi ensures that the patient's voice always remains at the center of medical decisions with two powerful offerings: Medical BLUEPRINT™ and Virtual Ethics Consultation.

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The Medical BLUEPRINT™ provides doctors, insurers and other healthcare providers an
easy-to-use tool that explains
 the preferred care-needs to medical providers while giving them critical information on how current treatment impacts daily life.

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Virtual ethics consultation


UzObi offers quick, easy and real-time access to industry-leading services. Proven Clinical Ethicists poised to review, evaluate, and consult on existing medical decisions to ensure high value ethical practices for patients, caregivers, providers and hospital systems.


Our team is made up of the best minds in the fields of Clinical Ethics, Health Disparities, Strategy and Innovation, Medicine, and Technology.


Meet Dr. Nneka Sederstrom

Dr. Sederstrom is the Co-Founder and CEO of UzObi, Inc.
She is a world-renowned Clinical Ethicist and Health Equity expert.
She is widely published and regularly speaks on topics related to health equity, end of life care, clinical ethics, and health disparities. 


She has more than 20 years of experience in hospital medicine, specializing in end-of-life care and health equity initiatives.

Medical BLUEPRINT benefits for doctors
and other healthcare providers

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For doctors and other healthcare providers


UzObi provides a powerful resource called the Medical BLUEPRINT to doctors and other health care providers.

What does the Medical BLUEPRINT do?

The Medical BLUEPRINT collects personalized information (culture, identity, personal values, etc.) that gives doctors information designed to aid their decision making, treatment plans and overall interaction with the patient and family.


How does UzObi help doctors and providers?

UzObi gives doctors and providers access to The Medical BLUEPRINT, an empowerment tool that serves as a “Patient Concierge” walking patients through questions that help determine their care goals, including culture, identity and personal values impacting their health.


Additional benefits for doctors and other healthcare providers

  • Quick and easy access to personalized patient information that can influence medical decisions and plans

  • Helps patients proactively become a bigger part of their care experience and planning

  • Targets disparities and eliminates wasteful and unwanted interventions, reducing spending

  • Helps providers have a laser-like focus on the personal situations and wishes of their patients

  • Gives providers the ability to learn important personal details about patients in a seamless, non-intrusive and a more immediate way

  • Helps to proactively plan a patient’s health care journey from routine doctor visits to emergencies, to end of life directives.

  • Reduces the complexities of health care decisions by always including the patient’s voice on the front end of any plan or decision.

  • Integrates advance care planning and automatically creates Advance Directives, eliminating awkward, difficult conversations

Benefits fo heathcare providers

Medical BLUEPRINT benefits for insurers


For insurers


What does the Medical BLUEPRINT do?

UzObi provides a valuable resource called
The Medical BLUEPRIN
T that gives your members a voice in their healthcare journey from routine doctor visits, to emergencies, to end of life directives.


How does UzObi help insurers?

The Medical BLUEPRINT serves as a “Patient Concierge” walking members through questions that help determine their care goals, including culture, identity and personal values impacting their health.

Benefits for insurers
Hotline Consultant

Additional benefits
for insurers

  • Access to the invaluable Medical BLUEPRINT - an empowerment tool that gives members a simple, yet impactful way of playing a greater role in their health care planning and experiences

  • A new revenue stream that can be used by members and their families throughout their lives

  • Drastic cost savings by having more informed and proactive members who take control of their health care journeys rather than waiting for emergency situations to occur

  • An innovative way to better engage your members and provide the specific services they desire

  • Member access to Virtual Ethics Consultation - real-time support from industry experts to help with the Medical Medical BLUEPRINT tool as well as making complex care decisions